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Welcome to Dentist In Dar, the internet home of SD Dental Clinic, Tanzania.

The first thing you notice when you enter SD Dental Clinic is the warm, friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Our clinic is full of colour, light and, of course, smiles! Celebrating 10 years since its inception, SD Dental Clinic is proud to bring you the latest developments in Dentistry coupled with flawless care and service to ensure all your hygiene and dental needs are expertly met. We even offer ultrasonic cleanings to take the sting out of your oral-hygiene program.

So go ahead – browse our site to find out more, then feel free to come and meet us in person. We may just make you smile!
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SD Dental Clinic boasts state-of-the-art facilities. Our treatment rooms are fully equipped with TVs, stereo headphones, digital x-rays and chair-side intraoral cameras. We have an on-site dental laboratory with professional technicians and a variety of equipment, imported from France. The laboratory is used for porcelain dental crowns and bridges as well as all types of plastic prostheses.

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Before and after photos of cosmetic dental treatment done by SD Dental Clinic Tanzania . SD Dental Clinic offers a range of dental services to improve your smile. .


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How can we help you?

Missing tooth / teeth
Missing teeth can be replaced with removable or fixed prosthetics. According to their names removable prosthetics can be and should be removed after eating and for daily cleaning. On the other hand fixed prosthetics are attached to bone (implants) or to the neigbouring teeth (bridges) and therefore resemble natural teeth.
Loose tooth
Teeth are said to be mobile when person can actually feel and possibly even see the tooth moving. The reasons for this kind of mobility are most commonly related to sudden traumas or changes due to long lasting slowly proceeding infections in the tissues supporting teeth (periodontal disease).

It is always important to come to dental clinic after there has been a trauma affecting mouth and jaws. Bleeding, swelling and difficulty opening mouth are all - even separately - signs of urgent need for first aid and treatment. Besides these severe situations it is also necessary to visit dental clinic in any of these following situations:

  1. In case of lost tooth (knocked out tooth) come to the clinic as soon as possible.
  2. Loose tooth also demands immediate care, not later than the next day.
  3. Cracked tooth can wait for the next day but only if there are no other symptoms.

Even if there are no severe symptoms, it is important to report the trauma to your dentist. That is how we can help you better in case of later complications occur.

Bad Breath

The reasons for bad breath are many. Often the reasons can be found from mouth but bad breath can also be a sign of a general disease. Your dentist will check and treat possible causes in oral cavity and then refer you to the medical doctor for further examinations.

The most common reasons in mouth are infections of different kinds (gums, mucous) and untreated caries.

Bleeding Gums
The most common reason for bleeding gums is called gingivitis. Gingivitis is the first and milder level of infection of gums. If untreated it may lead to more severe infection of gums called periodontitis. Furthermore periodontitis can cause teeth loosening.
Acute Pain

Acute pain and pain that starts without any external irritation (hot,cold, biting) are usually signs that demand first aid visit to dental clinic. This kind of pain is also more continuous than less severe pain. In any case all kind of pain is always a warning sign and calls for professional assesment.

Swelling of The Face

Swelling is one of the five symptoms of infections. In oral cavity and in jaws it may well be said to be the most important signal and warning that you need to go to dental clinic as soon as possible. The other four are pain, redness, feeling of heat and decreased functionality (for example difficulty opening of the mouth).

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